TV Shows

During the early days I found myself feeding often and for long stretches, so to stay awake, I ended up watching a lot of TV! I've since switched to reading now that I'm not exhausted all the time and also as baby is more alert and attracted to the TV. Here's some shows I've enjoyed should you find yourself in a similar position and are looking for some recommendations! Netflix; Life In Pieces - Snack sized viewing at its best! One family, four short stories, all light and easy. It's great because one family is dealing with a newborn, which is very relatable that's a fun watch. Lovesick - A short, fun British show about 20-something friends and their love triangles. Highly likable characters. Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life - Another short fun show about 20-somethings and their crazy adventures. Other; Big Little Lies - An intriguing story based around the parents of a kindergarden class. The book was better as is often the case, but a good show with a cast of A-listers.